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You Should Know The Massager Before Purchase

Jan 16, 2017

Massager is a local irritant, mechanical vibration on the human body massage appliances. Its dredges, improving blood circulation and calm the pain, promote blood circulation, relief of fatigue, adjusting effect of body functions. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, electric Massager has more and more into the homes of ordinary people, but because people lack the purchasing of common sense, or inconvenience or even adverse consequences for consumers, the following types of electric massage and before purchase as described below.

A, types of massage

Massage using a mechanical, electronic, optical sensing, electromagnetic technology, massage or driven by mechanical transmission wheel vibration, rotation, realization of massage, massage, hammering action. According to the different ways, electromagnetic and motor can be divided into two broad categories.

1. electromagnetic electric massage

Electro-magnetic Massager is simple in structure, there are enough vibration strength, vibration frequency is low, massage cushion, massage table, Massage belt Massager are of this form of massage.

2. motor type electric massage

-Motor electric massage device structure is more complex, this type of massage is that the structure of the motor rotation, a little eccentric. Its role is to convert rotary motion into reciprocating motion of the motor and vibration of reciprocating motion to head to achieve the massage functions of the human body. Such as foot massagers, handheld massagers, massage chairs and water Foot Massager, belongs to this form of massage.

Second, electric massage selections

Buy massage types and specifications, depending on the needs. -Motor massage due to the higher vibrations, vibration strength is low, is suitable for massage and the elderly. Slow vibrating Massager vibration frequencies, vibration intensity is high, is suitable for sports massage and use among young people. In addition, for weight-loss massage suitable selection of motor type Massager, vibration at high speed can accelerate lipolysis. Use of sedation and analgesia, physiotherapy Massager is a physician.

When choosing a Massager, smooth and beautiful appearance to be elected, no scars, feel good when holding, not easy to slip. Plus shopping with a variety of products with different massage heads, to adapt to the different parts of the massage.

In addition, power up check to see there is no vibration or can not adjust the intensity of the situation. And listen to the noise level, if the noise is too large, the poor quality.

It is worth noting that is should as far as possible to the big shopping malls, electronics stores to buy high quality brand-name products, does not indicate the manufacturer, address, telephone and trade marks of three products, do not buy.