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What’s Intermittent Pneumatic Device?

Feb 16, 2017

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device, also known as the circulation pressure treatment, gradient air pressure therapy, limb circulatory or air pressure lymphedema pump. Air pressure therapy device matched with relevant cuffs is mainly through the multi-chamber airbags in a sequence of repeated inflation and deflation, to provide the comfortable circulatory pressure for the limbs and tissues, promoting blood and lymphatic flow and and accelerating the return of fluid tissue fluid, helping prevent thrombosis, and preventing limb edema, which can treat many diseases related to blood and lymph circulation directly or indirectly.

Air wave pressure treatment principle:

The air compression therapy system is mainly through the alternation inflation and deflation of multi airbags in cuffs, to provide circulatory compression and decompression for wanted care parts, thus forming a forceful comfortable massage on muscles evenly, helping the acceleration of blood and lymph circulation, naturally, it can helps lymph carry the waste materials away from the cells, and enhances the blood bring in the nutrients to the cells. Whats more, it can prevent muscle atrophy and muscle fibrosis, and strengthen oxygen content in the limb, helping to treat diseases caused by the blood circulation disorder.