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What Do Compression Boots Do?

Nov 24, 2017

Xiamen Weiyou air recovery compression boots VU-IPC06, the 8 chamber units, through inflating the cuffs from the distal end of the inflatable body to the proximal end, the siltation of the lymph into the blood circulation to accelerate limb venous blood flow, eliminate edema and promote emptying congestion Venous and arterial perfusion, to prevent thrombosis and increase fibrinolytic activity.


This air compression recovery boots is internationally recognized as an effective equipment for the treatment and elimination of limb lymphedema, poor venous return, blood circulation, and an example of blood circulation and massage in Chinese medicine. Whether it is for the upper and lower limbs of primary and secondary lymphedema, chronic venous edema, lipid edema, mixed edema treatment, or for hemiplegia, paraplegia, paraplegia patients with limb massage and rehabilitation, the compression boots has a effective and positive performance.


It is a rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment that you can trust. It has visible, feel, intuitive effect. To eliminate edema swelling pain, to promote lower extremity blood circulation, rapid elimination of primary secondary edema of limbs, relieve pain, paralysis of limb discomfort, but also ease limb numbness, cold hands and feet and other symptoms of insufficient blood supply.

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