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The Running Principle Of Air Pressure

Jan 16, 2017

Air pressure gauge also known as cycling pressure treatment device, pressure gradient pressure antithrombotic therapeutic apparatus, extremity cycler or pump.

Principles of air pressure wave therapy for the treatment of:

1, the air pressure therapy primarily through repeated charging and discharging of the order of multi-cavity air bag, forming a cyclic pressure on limbs and organization, air pressure on the body treatment principle sketch map

Distal to the proximal limb # uniform compression promotes blood and lymphatic flow and the effect of improving microcirculation, accelerated body tissue fluid backflow, helping to prevent the formation of blood clots, preventing limb edema, directly or indirectly, treatment of diseases associated with blood lymphatic circulation. 2, through passive massage evenly, with the acceleration of the circulation of the blood. Can accelerate the metabolic wastes in the blood, factor of inflammation and pain caused by the absorption factor. To prevent muscle atrophy and prevents muscle fibrosis, strengthening the body's oxygen levels, helps to solve circulatory problems caused by diseases (such as unit head ring of bone death).