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Nebulizer Brief Introduction

Jan 16, 2017

Aerosol products, 200,000 customers choice. It is based on the venturi (Venturi) principle of Jet, compressed air is used to form the high-speed airflow through tiny nozzles, resulting in negative pressure-driven fluid or other fluids into the block of, to splash around in a high velocity impact make the droplet particles from the spray outlet pipe out. Home nebulizer then breathing inhaled into the respiratory and pulmonary deposition, achieve the purpose of pain-free, fast and effective treatment. Meanwhile, home nebulizer for humidification, disinfection and improvement of dry air, can also be used for facial beauty, keep face and tender, the effect is good, is a frequently used method of skin care, is also very convenient to use.

Home nebulizer selection of some of the proposals: spray product in accordance with its own noise, vibration, heat, aerosol particles, convenience, design and quality to measure and to determine its price, the other is home atomizer spray Cup is also critical, good atomization will increase its price. Besides we have to choose a good filtering device in household aerosol products, if the filter cannot filter harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses, the consequences can be imagined!