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Medical Rehabilitation Equipment Portable, Home, Intelligent

Jan 16, 2017

In recent years, China attaches great importance to the health industry, introduced a number of policy support to rehabilitation medical device market with the development of the engine. As national Twelve-Five planning in the, clear support public hospital, and community service organization, and private capital to opened rehabilitation project construction, this for rehabilitation medical equipment businesses for, undoubtedly is a items was exciting of good policy; and as October 2013 State introduced of on promote health services development of several views in the on mentioned support rehabilitation auxiliary apparatus of development production, further promoted has China rehabilitation medical equipment market of development. 'S growing health consciousness and accelerating process of population aging in China, also contributed to family medical rehabilitation equipment, auxiliary to the well-being of older persons, special groups of the health care market.
Beijing rehabilitation Expo has attracted from the United States, and France, and Switzerland, and Sweden, and Korea, and Italy, and Finland, and Austria, and Poland, and Malaysia and other countries and regions in more than more than 400 exhibitors. Exhibits cover more diagnosis and treatment equipment, digital medical equipment, biochemical analysis, laboratory testing equipment, small household care products, small family detection equipment. Rehabilitation equipment on display, showing a "portable, home and intelligent" features, such as a exhibitors an aid appliances using voice control intelligent system design, much easier to use. One exhibition business told reporter, generally, rehabilitation class medical devices roughly is divided into physiotherapy devices and physical therapy devices two big class, physiotherapy devices belongs to high-tech products, main in hospital by professional medical personnel using, like ultrasound devices, and laser optical devices, and magnetic devices, and mechanical prosthetic and various nursing beds,; physical therapy devices main for daily practice and recovery sex training, as Massage Chair, and orthopaedic device, and auxiliary walking practice device,. Medical rehabilitation is mainly to increase and improve all aspects of the human body function, dysfunction of patients with elimination and mitigation, restoration and improvement of functions of the human body. In this process, the rehabilitation of essential medical devices. Many need accept rehabilitation treatment of people, and does not necessarily in hospital, may many is home in the or rehabilitation health units, and with social of development and people self health consciousness of enhanced, unusual people family on rehabilitation health class medical devices of needs may also will like purchase household appliances as usually, people also will requirements rehabilitation medical equipment can like household appliances as, can intelligent of control, makes operation more simple, and easy, and light, and beautiful.Such as the Air Compression Leg Massager,is use for foot massager,massaging for tigh and calf,because now we We live a fast-paced life,and have less time to relax and do exercise,and people have more problem in their health,such us lymphedema fat,bad blood circulation,deep varicose veins,so the devive home use type air pressure therapy legs massgers and The Traveler's Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager is great helpful to solve these problem,use it Calf Muscle Massager,promote blood circulation,treament for lymphedema,anti-varicose veins.

Therefore, rehabilitation medical equipment market will present "portable, home and intelligent" trend.