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Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Jan 02, 2018

  What are lymphatic drainage benefits? It could clear the circulatory system, enhance immunity and detox beauty. 

  1. Clear the circulatory system: lymphatic drainage massage is mainly through the massage and aromatic oils, to clear the circulatory system to achieve the purpose of excreting toxins from the body.

  2. Enhance immunity:  cells are through the intake of nutrition and oxygen to create energy, and take the waste away. Lymph will absorb and carry away those additional waste, instead of veins. During purification, cell will be back to the vein. Lymphatics seem to be a fork in traffic jams. Another important function of the lymph is to remove the bacteria to prevent the disease. Lymph nodes have a filtering effect, filter out the aging waste, kill bacteria in the body activities, prevent colds and prevent disease.

  3. Detox beauty:  It can promote the metabolism of waste, harmful substances and body toxins along the body's lymphatic system excreted, while feeding the skin nutrients, so as to achieve the purpose of detoxification beauty.


How to promote lymphatic drainage effectively? The compression massage boots could provide sequential squeeze compression massge for body, so as to improve lymphatic drainage.

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