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Intermittent Compression Pump Therapy Is An Effective Way To Treat Lymphedema Caused By Old Venous Thrombosis

Mar 31, 2017


My father's right leg was diagnosed as venous thrombosis, after more than a week of treatment, the right leg is improved, but left leg began to be swollen, and more severe than the right leg, after treatment of four or five days, it was no improvement and more severe, and my father often suffered from unbearable pain, even too pain to sleep at night.



It is understood that your father's venous thrombosis of the lower limbs has been formed about for two years. It is one of the most effective ways to treat limb edema caused by old thrombosis through using Intermittent Limb Compression Device. It is a very effective way to increase the local limb fluid pressure, accelerating lymphatic and venous flow. It can provide rhythmic compression for swollen edema limbs. The pressure therapy device is a gradient continuous pressurization device, including an intermittent sequential pneumatic pump and a gradient compression arm and leg sleeves, the limb compression sleeve being divided into 4 airbags from the distal end to the proximal end, and the main device can be adjusted from 30-250mmHg, the first chamber of the compression sleeve inflated, and so on the second, third and fourth chamber inflated. After 2 to 3 inflatable and deflation cycles, gradually pressurized to the pre-set pressure. The device is a calibrated gradient pressure device that automatically provides greater compression to the distal limbs (such as the fingers and toes), while the proximal portions are inflated and the pressure decreases, thereby causing excess fluid from the body tissue gap Limb distal to the proximal extrusion, compression pump therapy is to imitate the limbs of the vein and lymphatic system, to promote venous blood and lymph fluid along the normal physiological direction of reflux, reduce limb edema.

The results of clinical treatment through major hospitals show that pneumatic compression pump therapy for limb circulatory disorders is positive, and has a quick effect, no side effects, simple operation, safety and other characteristics, it can be used as one of clinical treatment means for such diseases related to blood and lymph disorders.

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