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How To Use Lymphatic Drainage Machine For Better Lymphedema Drainage?

Apr 01, 2017


How long the air compression lymphatic drainage machine is used each time?  How many times the lymphedema pump had better be used per day? How much pressure should I use the pressotherapy machine?


Hello! It is recommended to use the lymph drainage mahcine IPC04 twice a day, each time in the morning and evening. Treatment is about 20 minutes each time, and the 20-minutes treatment has played a role in promoting the return of lymph fluid, and blood temperature has increased. The air compression Vibration Machine is using air pressure to squeeze limbs, no side effects. The massage pressure had better been setted from the lower pressure level, after being adapted to a period of time, it could be adjusted to higher pressure level,in other words, it is better that there is a process of adaptation.

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