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How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Asthma In?

Jan 16, 2017

1, reduce cold air on nasal mucosal stimulation, attention to wear a face mask. 2, keep warm and very cold weather cause rhinitis, seasonal weather watch when you convert and add appropriate clothing. Should try to dry the hair after the bath then sleep, avoid catching a cold. 3, pay attention to work and life environment of clean air, avoid contact with dust and chemical fumes particularly noxious gases. 4, strengthen training, improve their physique. Exercise can make the blood circulation improves, nosepiece blood flow is not blocked. 5, using aerosol sprays, on common causes of chronic asthma relief, can be directly sprayed on the nose part. Should pay attention to is that aerosol sprays should be used under medical supervision to minimize blind drug adverse reactions and long-term use can lead to drug-induced rhinitis induced.

6, and salt washing cavity is currently better of a asthma prevention and treatment of green therapy, but not recommends with too cold of water for flush, such will stimulus nasal, best used professional of wash cavity brine, keep and itself temperature similar of saline to flush, if can combined dedicated of rhinitis wash nasal device, such on can put nasal in the of virus, and bacteria, and allergy original, completely flush clean, effect will more better. 7, when the acute onset of upper respiratory tract infection, should pay attention to the early and complete treatment. When you suspect you suffer from allergic asthma, but to the ear, nose and throat hospital confirmed. In addition, get rid of the nose and bad habits such as cut nose hair, usually eat spicy food, avoid hard cough.

In Chinese medicine, mainly of allergic asthma and lung, spleen and kidney deficiency of dirty-related, mostly because of weak of lung-Qi deficiency, caused by colds, kidney insufficiency, Lung in patients with cold due to Qi deficiency, spleen weakness, kidney weakness, so more attention to routine, exercise more, improve one's body resistance is particularly important.