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How To Prevent Pneumonia?

Jan 16, 2017

Every winter, temperatures plunge, poor air quality, causing pneumonia, asthma has increased for the elderly. According to a Director of respiratory medicine at children's Hospital in Shanghai doctors, recently hospitalized children with respiratory Department of the hospital received a total of more than 300 people, which 80% all patients with pneumonia. Experts: severity of pneumonia is a respiratory disease in children, is a common one of the four diseases, the probability of suffering from pneumonia deaths in children is very high. Annual autumn/winter season is a high risk of pneumonia, pneumonia can be produced in the air after coughing or sneezing droplet transmission. If a child's immune system reduce, but then came carrying a large number of bacteria, viruses and dust in the air, it is easy to have pneumonia, so parents must do good pneumonia prevention and care efforts. It is against such a background, home nebulizer became the new darling of family health.
What about how to prevent pneumonia? According to experts the prevention of pneumonia from the following aspects: first, drink plenty of water: keep enough water in the body, is the maintenance of health and life of the first prerequisite, usually let their children drink plenty of warm water, not only can improve the child's gastrointestinal tract and the lungs, but also prevention of colds. Second, exercise: often go for a child, took the baby to the aerobic in nature, let your baby every day suitable for outdoor activities, access to fresh air, sunshine, exercise, room daily timing Windows for air, helps to improve the baby's body's resistance. Not when the weather is a little cool when doors and Windows closed, do not let the baby out, afraid of cold, in fact, which deprives them of the baby in the nature the opportunity to exercise.
Third, change clothes in a timely manner: parents should be appropriate according to the temperature change clothes for the baby, don't make baby sweaty situations encountered cool air. In addition, children without an adult, Hardy, but they are in motion, even if sleep is not quiet, so adults almost better.
Four, avoid contact with pathogenic: flu season should be as little as possible with the baby over, keep the baby away patients with respiratory tract infections, try not to take the baby to crowded or poorly ventilated places. If you hit someone in the House cold, you should try to avoid contact with the baby, in case cause infections in the baby. In addition, the best stop smoking in the House, keep children stimulated by the cigarette and cause disease.
Five, and note slow drop hot: Dang children play of sweating Shi, don't immediately help children off clothes, should help children wipe dry sweat,, children static down, no longer sweat Shi, off a clothes, again let children to play, avoid in children sweating Shi put its to outlet at cool, or let children fast drink cold, because as will makes children open of Khan pores quickly closed, led to children body regulation imbalance, easy caused caused respiratory infection.
Six more suitable for children, family atomization treatment: spray therapy is the use of home nebulizer, liquid medicines into mist, child drug in your natural breathing respiratory inhalation, treatment effects. Because the drugs have direct access to the affected area, to maximize efficacy and reduced side effects, so it is best suited for treatment of asthma in children. But because of asthma usually requires a certain course of treatment, always run hospitals, waiting in line, not only children and parents suffer risk of cross infection in hospitals has increased. Therefore, family atomization concept comes into being and more and more physicians and families of all ages.
Expert analysis: to eradicate asthma, pneumonia, in addition to the need to take effective treatment, reasonable daily conditioning is very important, especially for children and asthma in the elderly patients with weak immunity system, daily conditioning is more important.