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How To Lose Belly Fat?

Apr 06, 2017

How to reduce belly fat?

The air compression pump with tummy wraps could help to lose belly fat. Through offering automatic dymanic slimming massage for belly tissue one by one chamber, it helps to burn and squeeze out the additional cellulite in tummy, and the celluite is broken down and then flow out of body through lymph drainage.  Use the air compression belly massager every day, twice per day, 30 minutes treatment each time, it could reduce tummy fat quickly. During belly weight lose, combined with the balance diet ( more fruit and vegetables, less meat and junk food) and moderate exercise, it would achieve the better weight loss effect. Specifically, the air compression abdomen massager also helps to get rid of muscle lactic acid caused by sport. It is quick, no-side, safe way to reduce belly fat.

lose belly fat