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Group Purchasing Sports Massage Recovery Pump Boots From Factory Directly

Apr 17, 2017

Do you always feel sorness or fatigues in muscles after endurance sports? After sports marathon, running,cycling, swimming etc., it is prone to cause lactic acid accumulation in muscles, thus make people feel pain. 

How to remove the lactic acid faster after each workout? The recovery boots with pump could provide dynamic air compression massage to muscle, squeezing lactic acid through lymphatic system, faster recovery sorness caused by workout without any side effect.

We are the manufacturer of the air relax recovery boots, offering factory directly price, and you could save more cost to have the same-recovery-effect products as brands like Normatec,Doctor life etc. Even, you could get a better price and lower shipping cost through group purchasing with your friends together. Any interested in, please feel free contacting us.

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