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Asthma Conditioning Tips.

Jan 16, 2017

Asthma conditioning tips.

And maintain good indoor ventilation: open Windows, keep indoor air fresh, flowing, avoid contact with the pungent smell of gas cough patients generally have the airway hyper-reactivity, for a normal person without "significantly affect" incentives, may be caused by the cough of older persons. It should be noted that the living environment clean air.

Second, strengthening the diet: elderly asthma patients to eat food should not be too salty, too sweet and too greasy, it should be light and easy to digest. In addition, once not too full, especially dinner can not eat too much, not eating too late. Three hours after supper, sleep.

Third, eat spicy spicy food: asthma patients not to drink Coca Cola, coffee, wine, tea and stimulating drinks, don't eat onions, peppers, garlic and other irritating foods. Try to stay away from allergens indoors, try not to have carpet, do not use products and the old bedding or in an indoor display of flowers and cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and other small animals with more hair. Avoid contact with substance may cause sensitization.

Four, keep warm and avoid the cold stimulation when cleaning, watering, indoor dust; in addition, standing some aerosol drugs for emergency use. More attention to detail, do deep breathing Guide for patients to adjust for a comfortable sitting or half sitting position, guiding patients with slow deep breathing. Assist patients with sputum, guiding the patient sat up when I cough, leaning forward, back to the patient in order to facilitate their expectoration. Viscous sputum than drinking water. Asthma in elderly patients or patients ' families can be at home and is equipped with a high quality home nebulizer, atomization treatment can help patients to do at home, can get better results, while avoiding sudden emergency and delay optimal treatment time.