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Air Wave Pressure Therapy Apparatus

Jan 16, 2017

Air wave pressure treatment instrument through more cavity body inflatable balloon has order has rhythm of for inflatable expansion extrusion, and put gas, formed on body organization of cycle pressure, reached promote vein return, and strengthening artery perfusion, and improved blood cycle and lymphatic cycle (including microcirculation), and prevent gel blood factor of gathered and the on vascular within film of stick attached, increased fiber dissolved system of activity, prevention deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and elimination edema, promote healing, prevent muscle atrophy, improved around vascular function of effect, applies range wide. Through large of clinical observation proved, it can effective promote patients limbs vein blood return, promote body movement function rehabilitation, especially on limbs fracture Hou of patients, and lymphatic edema patients, and artificial joint replacement operation patients, and hemiplegia and the long-term bed patients, and reinforced film room high pressure integrated syndrome patients, and vein valve function not full patients, and diabetes raised of peripheral nerve inflammatory patients and do had Vascular Surgery of patients are has is good of treatment effect.