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Air Relax Vs Rapid Reboot

Dec 05, 2017

Air Relax and Rapid Reboot are the common brands in reovery boots market, both of them are black 4 chamber units, which is the best air compression leg massager? What are the differences between them?

Air Relax Vs Rapid Reboot.jpg

• Price Comparation

Air Relax: about US$ 480 (including the machine with a pair legs sleeves and carry bag)

Rapid Reboot: about US$895~US$995  (including the machine with a pair legs sleeves and carry bag)

• Program Comparation

Air Relax: two modes

A. Improves venous outflow and arterial inflow.
B. Improves circulation and helps mobilize lymph fluid, lactic acids, metabolites and carbon dioxide.

Rapid Reboot: four modes

A. Peristaltic
B. Sequential
C. Massage
D. Auto Mode

• Pressure Comparation

Air Relax: 0~230mmHg with 4 levels

Rapid Reboot:  0~200mmHg with 8 levels

• Treating Time Comparation

Air Relax: 15 minutes 

Rapid Reboot: optional 10. 20. 30 minutes

• Machine Appearance Comparation

Air Relax:    with handle

Rapid Reboot: looks like pillow, without handle

As Air Relax as thrift option, Rapid Reboot is a crowd pleaser, the brands of air compression recovery system has their market postion, which causes colorful and multi-level markets. We are the manufacturer of air compression therapy system, with different cost to meet different market level, believing one of our model will meet your market position, expecting to cooperate with you to enrich the potential market.

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