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Air Compression Massager Helps Improve Hotel Service

Mar 23, 2017

During long trips by airplane, bus, car or train, blood clots could easily form in passengers’ legs for long-time sitting or standing makes blood flow not work normally. The longer the trip, the greater the risk of blood clot. It causes Deep Vein Thrombosis easily.



The passenger are prone to feel pain, stiff and tired legs, and fatigue during the long trip. After checking in hotels, what they need must be comfortable massage to relax? Assuming that, when passengers are comparing several hotels to select and book one, only one of similar hotels has cheap even free massage service, they would tend to book the one.


It would spend much cost for a hotel to hire a group of massage therapists. How to provide the massage service for clients at low cash and labor cost? The hotel management could consider introducing air compression system into hotel, maybe build a massage center in hotel, or each room is equipped the air compression massage system, thus the clients could enjoy the self-service dynamic setted pressure (range 30~250mmHg) massage to relax themselves, to relieve fatigue, to promote blood circulation and to prevent DVT. It must be awesome experience for clients.


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