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Air Compression Massager For Legs Muscle Lactic Acid Buildup Removal

Mar 13, 2017

Last Saturday, I went hiking for 6km and climbing moutain for thousands of steps, and it was an awesome experience, especially when climbing upwards the hilltop, it was too tired to breathe, almost gave up, but there was a voice impel myself to move on... Finally, stepping on the hilltop, when bird's eye viewing the city I lived and worked in, it could hardly express by words. Here are shared pictures.

stand on mountains

Xiamen City

However, I felt lactic acid muscle soreness in my legs the next morning, and it was greatly uncomfortable and painful every time when I moved my legs. How to treat the lactic acid buildup in my legs? I took out the air compression massager and treating my legs: connected the device to the power, wore the legs cuffs connected to the device, set the treating time 30 mins and massage mode C, pressed the start key, then chose massage pressure original 30mmHg, adding higher-level pressure force to about 180mmHg that completely comfortable. During the time, I could feel there are alternating compression and decompression for my legs muscles,then my legs felt more and more comfortable. I used the leg massager two times yesterday, 30 mins each time. Today, I felt better much in my legs, even more, I went to company by bike.

leg massager