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Air Compression Leg Wraps 2017 New Arrival

Mar 30, 2017


What the Compression Machine for Legs could bring for you?

1. Level of pressure 30~250mmHg  the massage pressure could be adjusted accordingly.

2. Treating time: 1~90 minutes  setting your treatment time flexibly.

3. Touch keypad controller  easy operation, led blue light indicator

4. Skip care function  the six chamber could be switched on/ off flexibly, thus it could optimize the treatment to avoid (skip) the wound parts that can not tolerate the compression squeezing treatment.

5. Six types of different massage modes for multiple treatment functions: lymph edema related treatment, rheumatic osteoarthristis, claudication, muscle athrophy, slimming and coutouring, anti dvt, pressure therapy, stimulate blood flow & improve poor circutaion, diabetes foot treatment, detoxify & anti aging, post surgery recover, sport injury/ recovery, muscle lactic acid removal, legs relax, fatigue relieve...

6. Remote controller equipped

7. Safety Switch

air compression leg wraps