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Air Compression Leg Massager For Online Business

Feb 28, 2017

Today, one of our clients from India visited our factory to discuss the business about air compression massage machine for leg circultion, and we both think the air compression leg massager is greatly potential on Flipkart in India...

Indeed, nowadays, online business is an inrresistble trend, and it is extremely popular, like Amazon for international, Taobao in China, and Flipkart in India...and modern people pay more and more attention on personal health care, naturally, healthcare product online business is potential and hot, like leg circulation machine.

So far, we are cooperating with an agent to run online business for our air compression in China Market, like Taobao, and having been supplying several thousands of air leg compression machine. Now, we are finding agents for air compression leg wraps and machine online business in different  countries, like on Amazon. Any interested in, please feel free contacting us to discuss cooperation details.