Respiratory Supplies Asthma Compressor Nebulizer Machine with Mask for Kids

Product Details

The compressor nebulizer is a medical drug device used to deliver medication in form of a mist inhaled into the respiratory tract and lungs. Compressed air or ultrasonic power creates aerosol droplets from the medication, and the user then inhales this straight into the lungs. The nebuliser is matched with mask for both children and adults. Nebulized therapy can also be known as "breathing treatment."

The compressor nebulizer is ordinarily used for the therapy and relief of a range of respiratory disorders such as asthma and COPD. Medications are inhaled direct into the lungs for effective cure. The reason they are inhaled instead of being ingested is so that the medication could cover the respiratory tract straightly. This speeds up the treatment and has fewer side effects compared with other alternative intake routes. The medication depends on the diseases it is treating although commonly it relieves inflammation, swelling, and mucus within the airways.

Our Features
-3500-3700pcs for containers 20', can use your product logo and color box design.
-26mm/30mm stamping with rising temperature about 180℃ that bring nebulizer can run over 2000 hours not burned.
-3 bearings in motor and metallic thermal protector (not disposable plastic type)
-fir retard material



220V/50Hz or 110/60Hz

Power Consumption


Medication Capacity


Particle Size

Respirable Fraction 0.5 to 5 μm



Average Nebulization Rate

Above 0.2m/min

Noise Level

Below 60dBA

Compressor Pressure Range

30-45 Psi

Operation Pressure Range

12-14.5 Psi (0.85-1.1 bar)

Liter Flow Range

8~10 lpm

Operation Temperature Range

10℃-40℃ (50℉-104℉)

Operation Humidity Range

10 to 95% RH

Storage Temperature Range


Storage Humidity Range

10 to 95% RH

Compressor Nebulizer Kits
Standard set includes 1 compressor nebulizer machine, 1 adult mask, 1 child mask, 1 mouth piece, 1 cup, five filters, and 1.2m tube.


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