Massaging Leg Compression Wraps for Lymphedema Therapy

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Massaging Leg Compression Wraps for Lymphedema Therapy VU-IPC02


Air pressure therapy system
Pressure therapy is a high class lymphatic drainage and Spa natural health beauty machine in medical and beauty market,the compression mode have a soft massage from the foot to heart,
It is sliming treatment by drainage dissolved fat cells or bad deposit,in medical market,it have a sequential squeezing from the distal to proximal,thus help to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic,prevent the clots, deep vein thrombosis DVT and pulmonary embolism
PE,trauma,inflammation,edema relief.


* Compressible Limb Therapy System

Vitalized the circulation of blood and lymph in arms and legs, and enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove swelling or pain. It helps to recover patients’ physical functions from disabilities or agedness.

* Sports Massage

Help a pre-workout to loosen up muscle and a post-workout to help muscles and a post-worktout to help muscles recover by ridding them of lactic acid build-up.

* Prevention and treatment of various diseases related with blood circulation in arteries including lymphedema.

* Air compression device promotes the circulation of blood and body fluid.




1. Large screen and LED display for control machine.

2. Touch key and remote controller, easy operation

3. Powerful and dynamic air pressure massage.

4. Four output channels can connect each 4-air-bag cuffs.

5. Cuffs use high density TPU, good airproof.

6. Three massage modes and multiple level massage pressure force adjustable.

7. Frequent use can promote blood circulation, eliminate edema, relieve fatigue, prevent thrombosis and varices, improve incretion and immunity.


8.One machine could be connected one cuff or two cuffs flexibly:

- like one leg, one arm or one waist:


- like two legs, or one arm plus one leg:



Item No.



High-end Air Compression Therapy System


CE Approved

Machine Size

24*18*11 CM





3 Therapy Modes

Mode A for common massage

Mode B for lymphatic edema treatment

Mode C for multi-relax massage and recover

Pressure Range


Input Voltage

110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz

available according to target market requirement.

Power Consumption


Treating Time

10.20.30 mins


Available according to different market like US, EU standard.


     cuffs/ sleeves/ garments accessories Size for Option (four chambers/ air bags)

Colors: optional grey, blue or black



Leg cuff

M: 91*65cm

L: 100*74cm

XL: 110*70cm (overlapping)

Arm cuff

M: 87*51cm

L: 90*60cm (overlapping)

Waist cuff

M: 120*37cm

L: 130*37cm


Standard set includes

1 machine with remote controller, 2 leg cuffs,1 arm cuff, 1 waist cuff, double hose, single hose, power cord and user manual.


1. Connect the mains lead to the IEC power inlet socket. Insert the mains plug of the lead into a standard 220V-240V (or 110V-120V) mains socket.

2. Fit the air feed hose(s) to the air outlets of the device. Ensure that all connections to the device and garment make a good seal.

3. Place/ fit the garment(s) onto the limb(s) or center body requiring treatment.

4. Turn the unit on. A visual mains indicator will illuminate.

5. Select the required pressure by using the pressure control keys.

6. Note the time the treatment starts so that the unit can be switched off when the desired time has elapsed.

7. DO NOT unzip the garment when the unit is switched on. This may cause damage to the garment. Always turn off the power before unzipping the garment.


Quality guarantee&Service 

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff. 

2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world toppest production engineering.
3. The warranty time is one year. Quick-wear part is excluded.

Price governs while the quality is the same.
Service governs while the price equals.
we promise to offer perfect after-sale service!


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are factory manufacturing packaging machines and we provide perfect OEM and after-sale service.

Q: Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

A: Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them to Youtube. 

Q: What should I take care when using the machine?

A: Please use the machine according to User Manual.

Q: How to maintain the machine?

A: Check the connection part and power connections regularly.

Q: How can I pay my order?

A: We accept T/T, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance payments. For those orders less than 1000USD, we accept PayPal to pay.

Q: Do you have a CE certificate?

A: Yes

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