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The Lymphedema Compression Pump with Arm Sleeve is 6-channel-output pneumatic compression pump connected to inflatable 6-air-bag arm sleeve, through alternating inflating compression and deflating decompression, providing dynamic adjusted pressure (range 30~240mmHg) massage to treat or prevent lymphedema especially after surgery. longest treating time 90mins, adjusted six massage modes,adjusted optimize care parts by switching on or off the 6 chamber separately and flexibly.

The six optional massge modes promise multiple massage functions: frequent use can promote blood circulation in arms, eliminate lymphedema, relieve fatigue, prevent blood clot and dvt after long trip by air or train or long-time-standing work like teachers,improve incretion and immunity, help to get rid of lactic acid build up after exercise...

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Pump Specification:

Size: 300*237*126 mm

Power consumption: 30W

Pressure range: 30-240mmHg

Treating time: 1-90 mins

Massage modes: A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F

Input voltage: 110V/ 60Hz; or 220V/ 50Hz

Plug: available according to local market, like EU standard for EU market, US standard for US market.

Regular Colors: White+Grey, other customized color like black is available.

Features: The six chambers can be switched on and off separately and flexibly, so that it is possible to optimize treatment to specific muscles or areas, and choose fields to avoid wound closure or other damage that cannot tolerate the treatment.

Warranty: 12 months

Certificate: CE approved

Package: each in PE bag, then in foam box.

Other compression massaging cuffs for arm or waist are available if required.

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massage application

The air compression massage machines are well-equipped (market channels):

1. home use (multiple-function massage, personal health care)

2. hospital/ clinic use (treat and prevent DVT and lymphedema ect.)

3. fitness/ exercise centers, sport clubs (sport massage, muscle lactic acid removal)

4. optimize hotel service (long time trip by air or train cause blood clot easily and fatigue,the massager service in hotel helps to attract passengers clients)

5. Rehabilitation centers


We are the manufacturer of the pneumatic compression pumps, welcome customization for different business, like online business on Amazon.

Here are some photos of mass production shared.

test machine

pump test

mass production


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