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We're the manufacturer of the best 8 chamber leg recovery boots for blood and lymph circulation, with the CE approved recovery pump with 12 months warranty, with professional technician team to support after-sale survice, with research and develop team for developing new product, welcome customized brand business on the leg recovery boots...

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Factory Directly Best 8 Chamber Leg Recovery Boots VU-IPC06

In The Days of Health Care, We Improve Blood Circulation

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Today, let's talk about blood circulation and Leg Recovery Boots. Poor blood circulation and lymph disorders destroy our health. Many people in the world today, are suffering from the diseases caused by poor blood circulation or lymph disorders, for example, lymphedema happens commonly post surgery.

Here we may to ask, can we do someting to improve these or just watch and sigh for the situation? No, we can do just more than watching. We can give people a good blood and lymph circuation, give repaid recovery for athletes, and give the old an considering health care at home.

In the name of love, for the people surrounded by poor blood and lymph circulation, let me introduce you this product: Best 8 Chamber Leg Recovery Boots VU-IPC06.

The Leg Recovery Boots will:

 promote blood circulation

 improve lymphatic drainage

 provide rapid recovery for pain muscles post workout

 prevent throbosis and varices

 improve incretion and immunity

 relieve fatigue

 eliminate edema


Item No.:   VU-IPC06
Machine Size:   300*237*126mm
Pressure Zones:  8 Chambers
Pressure range:   30-240mmHg with 8 levels
Treating time:   electronically adjusts steply from 1~90 minutes
Working Mode:   6 modes: A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F
Input Voltage:   110V/ 220V; 50HZ/ 60HZ
Power comsumption:  


Intensive/ Skip Care
The 8 chambers can be switched on/ off independently, so it is possible to optimize the treatment for specific muscles or areas, as well as select areas, for example, are surgical wounds or other injuries that can not withstand treatment.

Boots Size Guide

How it works: 

Then how does this Leg Recovery Boots works to improve blood and lymph circulation, you may ask, here is the screct:

- Six types of different programs for multiple functions

A: peristaltic wave massage for blood circulation

B: squential squeeze for lymphatic drainage

C: peristaltic double wave for refund

D: full squeeze for rapid recovery and relax

E: Program B + C in cycle

F: Program A + C + D in cycle

full-leg compression wraping cuffs, with 8-chamber smaller pressure zones for better massage feeling.

After massage by the full leg recovery boots, the blood and lymph circulation is improved effectively, thus it carries multiple health care functions.

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As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of leg recovery boots in China, Weiyou Intelligent has been dedicated to this field for many years. And thanks to its reliable performance and low cost, our leg recovery boots is very popular among various customers. Please rest assured to buy.