The Traveler's Circulation Enhancing Leg Massager Sequential Pneumatic Calf Muscle Compression Machine Device

Product Details

The Traveler's Circulation Enhancing Leg Calf Massager is a leg wrap attached with mini air pump device, which provides comfortable air pressure therapy and relief for pain, stiff, swelling leg calf muscles, like lymph edema and DVT prevention or treatment.

The circulation leg wrap massager wraps around the calf provides users comfortable inflation and deflation according to different programming modes F1/F2. It is cordless and operated with built-in rechargeable lithium battery and charged with micro USB cable, allowing the user to enjoy the massage therapy on long journeys on aircraft, auto or ship, at home, in office, on the way, outdoors and indoors, portable and conveniently. Specifically, the traveler's circulation enhancing leg massager can be also used during long office meeting to keep calf circulation flowing.

Preventing leg calf swelling
Improve blood and lymph flow
Relax leg calf during long period of immobility

Description: The Traveler's Circulation Enhancing Leg/Arm Massager
Item No.: VU-IPC03
Device Size: 12*7*3.6 CM
Working Voltage: 6.4V~8.4V
Pressure Range: 10-60mmHg
Charge port: Micro USB port

♦ Portable Mini host device, built-in rechargeable lithium battery of power life 6-8 hours.
♦ The device has two optional modes F1/F2; pressure range is 10mmHg-60mmHg.
♦ Digital display for mode, pressure and power state and touch button control.
♦ Sleeves / wraps of soft material is skin-friendly, good quality.
♦ Sleeve with velcro is adjustable to fit different sizes of calf.
Remark: Different-size wraps are available for calf, thigh, small arm or leg arm according to customers requirement.

A standard set includes
One device with leg calf wrap, and micro USB cable.

Each in PE bag, then in color box.
6000-7000 sets for container 20', can use your product logo and color box design.

Use tips:
1. Press the control button to check if the device has enough power: if not, please charge it with micro USB cable; if yes, please operate as the step two.
2. Check and adjust to make sure if device is connected to sleeve well.
3. Wear and adjust the sleeve to fit to calf / thigh / arm, during the procedure, please make sure the digital display upwards.
4. First press to turn on, second press to mode F1, third press to F2, forth press to turn off.
5. When the product is not working, please make sure it is turned off.
Keep the product away from fire and humid place;

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