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We're the manufacturer of Air Compression Circulation Improving Leg Wraps, to supply durable recovery pump with 12-month warranty, attached with good-quality compression sleeves/ cuffs/ wraps, for improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage...

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Factory Directly Circulation Improving Leg Wraps NIPC01

In The Days of Health Care, We Help Improve Blood Circulation

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Today, let's talk about blood circulation and Circulation Improving Leg Wraps. Poor blood circulation and lymph disorders destroy our health. Many people in the world today, are suffering from the diseases caused by poor blood circulation or lymph disorders, for example, lymphedema happens commonly post surgery.

Here we may to ask, can we do someting to improve these or just watch and sigh for the situation? No, we can do just more than watching. We can give people a good blood circuation, help patients elimimate lymphedema, and give these people more heatlh care.

In the name of love, for the people surrounded by poor blood and lymph circulation, let me introduce you this product: Air Compression Circulation Improving Leg Wraps  NIPC01.

This Air Compression Circulation Improving Leg Wraps will :

promote blood circulation

improve lymphatic drainage

rapid recovery for pain muscles post workout

♥ be for more home physiotherapy health care


Machine Size: 300*237*126mm

Pressure Zones: 4 chambers

Pressure Range: 30~240mmHg

Treating Time: adjusts 0~30 minutes or always on

Power Consumption: 65W

Voltage: 110V or 220V; 50Hz or 60Hz

Plug: available according to target market standard

Optional Massage Area: legs, arm or waist

How it works:

Then how does this circulation improving leg wraps works to improve blood circulation, you may ask, here is the secret:

After these process, blood circulation is improved and bring many benefits for our body, to live a healthy life again.

Now, how about to contact us imediately for more detailed information.

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Quality Certificates:

Don't hesitate, our air compression recovery boots can improve blood and lymph circulation effectively, CE and RoHS certificates.

Quality Assurances:

And we assure you one year after-sale quality assurance for the machine.

If we share the same mind to help these people, why not just kindly give a inquiry now and let's discuss further.

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As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of circulation improving leg wraps in China, Weiyou Intelligent has been dedicated to this field for many years. And thanks to its reliable performance and low cost, our circulation improving leg wraps is very popular among various customers. Please rest assured to buy.