Factory Wholesale Price Air Sequential Leg Compression Recovery Systems Machine

Compression boots have become extremely popular for their recovery results in recent years. Athletes looking for medical-grade equipment that is portable and easy to use at home have a few great choices.

Product Details

Factory wholesale price Air sequential leg compression recovery machine

Factory Directly Price, customized brand is available

Product Description


Item NoVU-IPC04B
DescriptionPremium  recovery boots with Air Compression Massage machine 
CertificationCE ROHS FDA apprived
Machine Size

Size: 22*14*9 CM






Pressure Range30-240mmHg
Input Voltage110V/220V;50Hz/60Hz available according to target market requirement
Power Consumption14W, with battery build in capacity 5200mAH
treating Time1-90 mins
PlugAvailable according to different market like US.EU standard

leg compression machine Application:

- Spends long hours standing or sitting at their job

- Has parents who suffered from leg or venour problems

- Is overweight

- Is confined to bed or a wheelchair

- Have tired,swollen,aching feet,legs and ankles

- Has chronic venous insufficiency

- has prone to venous stasis ulcerations.



Muscle soreness occurs after high levels of exercise- primarily due to muscle cell microdamage and inflammation, which leads to the accumulation of lactic acid, creatine and other metabolic waste the body cannot clear completely during exercise. These elements must be removed via the venous and lymphatic system to efficiently recover the muscle.

The sequential intermittent pneumatic compression like recovery pump with boots  is the best post workout muscle recovery equipment to increase venous return, rapidly accelerating the body's reabsorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle, effectively removing metabolic waste faster than any traditional mode of recovery or rest alone.



leg compression machine features: