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factory supply home use health care devices Sequential compression devices antithrombotic Prevent Lower Limbs Varicosity Pressure therapy is a high class lymphatic drainage and Spa natural health beauty machine in medical and beauty market,the compression mode have a soft massage from the foot to heart, It is sliming treatment by drainage dissolved fat cells or bad deposit,in medical market,it have a sequential squeezing from the distal to proximal,thus help to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic,prevent the clots, deep vein thrombosis DVT and pulmonary embolism PE,trauma,inflammation,edema relief. Advan Homecare health Physio Surgery Beauty

Product Details



Product Description

2019 compression recovery system rapid sports recovery after workout


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2019 compression recovery system rapid sports recovery includes a control unit and attachments which go on the legs, arms, or hips. They use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with Pulse Massage Pattern. When you use our systems, you will first experience a pre-inflate cycle, during which the connected attachments are molded to your exact body shape. The session will then begin by compressing your feet, hands, or upper quad (depending on which attachment you are using). Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. This will repeat for each segment of the attachment as the compression pattern works its way up your limb.



Model No.:



12 months

Machine Size


Net Weight


Power Consumption


Built-in Battery Volume


Battery Charge/Use

4 hours/6 hours

Pressure Zones

6 Chambers

Pressure Range

30~240mmHg of 16 levels

Treating Time

electronically adjusted steply from 5~99 minutes 

Intensive/ Skip Care                                              

The 6 chambers can be switched on/ off independently, so it is possible to optimize the treatment for specific muscles or areas, as well as select areas, for example, surgical wounds or other injuries that can not withstand treatment.

Massage Programs  

4 Types(with Pulse Massage)

Attached Cuffs/Sleeves

Optional Arm, Legs or Waist




1. Large screen and LED digital display for control machine.

2. Powerful and dynamic air pressure massage.

3. Six output channels can connect each 6-air-bag cuffs.

4. Longest treating time reach 99 mins.

5. Cuffs use high density TPU, good airproof.

6. Optional massage modes, among them, mode D is pulse massage.

7. Sixteen adjustable levels of pressures.

8. Frequent use can promote blood circulation, eliminate edema, relieve fatigue, prevent thrombosis and varices, improve incretion and immunity.

9. Quick connector to machine, easy on/ off from machine.

10. Large volume (5200mAH) built-in lithium battery.




1.Increase blood circulation to muscles

2.Reduce exercise-induced swelling

3.Promote consistent recovery

4.Metabolize carbon dioxide

5.Facilitate protein synthesis

6.Alleviate inflammation



Product Details

Product Details

· Material: Medical grade strongTPU

· Air chamber: 6 chambers with hose to fit both legs or single leg, both arms or single arm, or waist.

· Main strength: durable for use by high frequency welding technology.


Control Display Show

Wireless Air Sequential Compression Leg Massager has Four Types of Therapy Modes

Mode A is typically common relaxing massage.

Mode B is for lymphatic edema or DVT prevention and treatment

Mode C is Pulse massage, effective hand massage type, providing deep, full and rapid recovery for muscles.

Mode D is full compression and decompression.








1. Machine    2. Cuff(s)       3. Charger    4. Connect Hose


Adapter Detail

Input: AC110V~240V~50/60Hz    

Output: DC12.6V; 2A


 Cuff Size Guide

      6 Chamber legs

6C-cuffs size guide.jpg

Optional colors for cuffs

- regular color (black, grey or blue) is available according to stock.

- regarding customized color- orange (with MOQ of 100 units)


 Intensive /Skip Care

Skip Care.jpg



Xiamen Weiyou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer certified by ISO9001  and  ISO13485. Our products have got the certificates of CE, RoHS and FDA registration.



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