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China Factory Directly Vibrating Air Pressure Heating Eye Care Massager VU-EM01

Product Details

Best China Factory Directly Vibrating Air Pressure Heating Eye Care Massager VU-EM01


 Efficacy and Features:

1. Eye  Care :  Air Pressure Eye Care Massager has four different Intelligent Air Pressure fully massages on the eyes and temples to relieve the eye tiredness, prevent near-sightedness, and improve eyesight. eliminate eye ache, edema, drying and unclear vision caused by over use of eyes.

2. Head Care: through massaging temple, Eye Care Massager can accelerat the blood circulation of the head, improve oxygen supplying ,alleviate headache, relieve nerve stress and lead to sound sleep.

3. Beauty Care: Eye Care Massager can reduce and prevent the eye pouches and dark circles, smoothen eye wrinkles, strengthen skin elasticity and reduce the deposition of pigment.

4. Music Therapy:   natural and relaxing musics that you like can bring you out from the worries of studying, working and living, dispel the nervousness, anxiety and blue feeling to improve your mood and refresh yourself completely.

5. Bluthtooth Function: connect to mobile phone

6. Four therapy program modes:

(1) Air Pressure      (2) Air Pressure + Heating;

(3) Air Pressure + Vibration    (4) Air Pressure + Heating + Vibration

7. Time setting: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes for choice with auto off function.

8. Low voltage for power supply: 5V/ 1A

9. Secure and reliable with  USB cable connector for charging built-in lithium battery.

Applicable Groups:

Young and near-sighted people, students, writers, accountants,Computer Players those who are always keeping using Eyes etc.

1.Effective for treatment for pseudomyopia, prevention from near-sighted in different degrees.

2.Effective for elimination of fatigue, and prevention from near-sighted and losing sleep. and effective on facial massage to make your face more beautiful and bright.

3.Applicable for people with eye pouches, shadows and wrinkles and deposition of pigment by cells.
 4.Applicable for people who always stay up at night and over use eyes.  Effective for headache, losing sleep and nerve prostration.
 5.Effective for old people with presbyopia.


Technical Specfication: 

1. Power supply: DC 3.7V built-in chargeable lithium battery  

 2. Heating temperature: 35°c--45°c

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