Sequential Compression Therapy Devices to Prevent DVT

Product Details

The portable sequential compression device is a cuff with mini air pump divice to wrap and massage leg calf or thigh through sequential compression and decompression by inflation and deflation at cycled time, specifically to improve leg blood circulation and prevent or treat DVT (deep vein thrombosis). 

The sequential compression enhancing leg circulation massage device is compact to save space, very easy to carry. The device is built-in with rechargeable lithium battery of long time power life, matched with USB micro cable to charge, and thus could be used indoors even outdoors flexibly and conveniently, like in car, at home, in office or even for long journey.

The sequential compression device is digital display for modes, time and power time, specifically one key touch control, quite simple operation. There are two programming massage modes F1/ F2 for option at the pressure range 10-60 mmHg, comfortable compressing massage force.

The wrap is made of skin-friendly and durable nylon material, with velcro, it is adjustable to fit any size leg.

Frequent reasonable using the massaging wrap could promote blood circulation, eliminate edema, relieve fatigue, prevent thrombosis and varices, and improve incretion and immunity.

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