IPC Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Anti Embolism Device and Stockings External Therapy System

Product Details

The IPC Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy System the is inflatable garments with compressor (air pump) that provides powerful and dynamic alternating pressure external massage at a sufficient rhythm for tired swollen leg, arm or waist muscles, increasing blood and lymph flow, and prevention and therapy for diseases like lymph edema. 

The system is made up of the intermittent pneumatic compression device, arm sleeves, legs stockings, and waist (abdomen) cuffs. The device is 4 output chambers (channels) could connect each or 4-air-bag sleeve by single hose, or two cuffs by doubles, flexible and optional care on users' wanted part. For legs, the user could enjoy the circular compression and decompression for whole legs parts feet → calf → knee → thigh; for whole arm, hand → lower arm → elbow → upper arm; for center body, hip → waist → abdomen → lower back.

The system has three optional programming modes for option:
MODE A is inflating and deflating for each air bag one by one at regular intervals, providing compression and decompression massage at a rhythm, like effective hand massage type, suitable to loosen up tired and stiff muscles before sport.
MODE B is inflating and keeping inflating for each air bag one by one, sequential wrapping compression for care parts, effective prevention and treatment for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and lymph edema, anti embolism.
MODE C is alternating inflating/keeping inflating for two interval air bags while the rest two is deflating, used for multi-relaxing massage and recover for acid pain muscles after sport.


1. Prevention
- Lymph edema
- Limb paralysis (cerebral infarction)
- Limb convulsion (pain clinic)
- Chronic disease by the venous cause

2. Improvement
- Fat dissolution
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Improvement for intestines, dissolution constipation
- Disease by interruption in blood circulation
- The old and the weak, fatigue, boredom, insomnia
- DVT [Deep vein thrombosis]
- PE [pneumatic embolism]
- Varicocele therapy and prevention

3. Management
- Pregnant woman's limb management (please consult with a physician.)
- Benumbed feet and hands settlement of stress
- Effect of exercise
- Person who want to be elastic skin and a healthier body


Item No.



High-end IPC Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy System


CE Approved

Machine Size

24*18*11 CM

3 Modes

3 therapy massage programming modes

Pressure Range


Input Voltage

110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz  available according to target market requirement.

Power Consumption


Treating Time

10.20.30 mins


Available according to different market like US, EU standard.

Standard set includes
1 machine with remote controller, 2 leg cuffs,1 arm cuff, 1 waist cuff, double hose, single hose, power cord and user manual.

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