Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy Pump and SCD Stocking Sleeves in Hospital

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy Pump and SCD Stocking Sleeves in Hospital
Product Details


- Vitalized the circulation of blood and lymph and enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove selling or pain.

- Help a pre-workout to loosen up muscles and a post-workout to help muscles recovery.

-Prevention and treatment of various diseases related with the blood circulation in arteries including lymphedema.

-Air compression device promotes the circulation of blood and body fluid.

A Pneumatic Compression Massager belongs in every well-equipped:

* Alternative Healing Practice

* Spa and Resort

* Wellness Center

* Physiotherapist Practice

* Physical Rehabilitation Center

* Home use

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How the Pneumatic Compression Massager Works?

You put your legs/arm/waist into the relevant cuffs/sleeves/garments and program the equipment for a pressure level that is completely comfortable for you. An alternating rhythm of inflation and deflation, in the whole legssleeves, moves up foot-calf-knee-thigh leg, arm or waist, compressing the muscles to vitalize the circulation of blood and lymph in legs and enhances the pressure of muscular tissues to remove swelling or pain. Don’t be surprised if you fall blissfully asleep during your pneumatic compression treatment.

Stimulating Lymph Drainage Made Easy

Relax, detoxify and let the Pneumatic Compression Massager do the work.

Feel like you are being massaged by your own masseur trained in lymphatic massage.

Why Lymph Drainage is so Important?

Some people have problems clearing stagnant lymph fluid from their system. This leads to uncomfortable tissue swelling, especially in the legs and ankles, and if not dealt with it can have dangerous health consequences. This condition is called lymph edema and can also occur after surgery.

If not properly dealt with, stagnant lymph can lead to inflammation, infection and can form excessive connective tissue. It is important not to allow stagnant lymph to progress to fibrotic change because at that point pneumatic compression has limited usefulness.

Early regular treatment with pneumatic compression will go a long way towards maintaining vibrant health into old age. When you consider the cost of regular treatments by a massage therapist trained in lymphatic drainage, this equipment will pay for itself very quickly.

Standard set includes

Product Specification

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device.jpg

Item No.



Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy device



Warranty12 months

Machine Size

300*237*126 MM

Massage Mode

6 types of different programs

Pressure Range

30-240mmHg with 8 levels


110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz

available according to target market requirement.

Power Consumption


Treating Time

electronically adjusts steply from 1~90 minutes 

Intensive/ Skip Care

The 4 chambers can be switched on/ off independently, so it is possible to optimize the treatment for specific muscles or areas, as well as select areas, for example, are surgical wounds or other injuries that can not withstand treatment.


Available according to different market like US, EU standard.

6 massage modes.jpg

Optaional massage for legs, arm or waist

for different body part.jpg

Quality guarantee&Service 

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff. 

2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world toppest production engineering.

3. The warranty time is one year. Quick-wear part is excluded.



Price governs while the quality is the same.


Service governs while the price equals.


we promise to offer perfect after-sale service!

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