Dvt Compression Devices

Properties: Massager
Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: VU or customized
Model Number: IPC04026

Product Details

Quick Details

Properties: Massager

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: VU or customized

Model Number: IPC04026

Type: Body Massager

Application: Head

Product name: air compression therapy equipment

Color: White or customized

Channels: 6 chambers (air bags)

Apply for: leg, arm and waist

Features: position,time and pressure control

Function: DVT prevention

OEM: Flexible

Sample: offered

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:

3000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Each in PE bag, host device in foam box, and the whole set color box; finally one or two color box into good-quality export carton box.

Port: Xiamen

Lead Time : 20 days

The Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is used for prevention DVT, also known as DVT prevention device, DVT compression pump and DVT compression device, made up of a 6-channel-out-put device and a pair of 6-air-bag legs cuffs with optional extension zipper (arm or waist cuffs availalble if required), and it has six (mode A ~ F) treatment modes,  each chamber pressure is adjustable 0~240mmHg (1 mm Hg = 0.133 kPa) , the longest treatment time is 99 mins, the treatment can be connected at two sleeves(cuffs) the same time. Through alternating inflating and deflating air bags of cuffs one by one at a suffient rhythm, the system provides dynamic, forceful and comfortable massage for user, helping blood and lymph circulation and bringing multiple-function effects for body, especially for DVT prevention.



What are risk factors to cause DVT?

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is caused by a variety of causes of venous blood flow disorders, mainly for pain, swelling, numbness, superficial varicose veins, embolization and so on. The three factors to cause DVT are blood stagnation, venous wall injury and hypercoagulable state . Surgical anesthesia, stress response cause thrombocytosis, which is conducive to platelet aggregation and adhesion; for patient in bed for long time after surgery, lower limb muscle in a relaxed state, easily lead to slow blood flow, fear of pain, do not want to do activities, blood circulation is not smooth, tending to cause Thrombosis. Postoperative patients often continue to be fasting for solids and liquids, and thus furtherly causes hypovolemia, resulting in patients with hypercoagulable blood after the state, to provides favorable conditions for the vein thrombosis.


What is the effect of IPC treatment for DVT prevention?

For patients with abdominal tumor surgery, based conventional prevention after the surgery, combined with IPC treatment, it can effectively prevent the formation of venous thrombosis. In the set treatment pressure, the balloons(air bags) was filled orderly from the distal end to the proximal end, due to periodic pressure, decompression of the mechanical action to produce pulsatile blood flow, promoting lower limbs blood circulation, preventing coagulation factor ‘s aggregation and blood vessels Endometrial adhesion, to prevent thrombosis. In addition, IPC can increase the activity of fibrinolytic system. Whether normal or patients with venous thrombosis, the use of IPC can stimulate endogenous fibrinolytic activity, thus reduce the opportunities of thrombosis.


Precautions on use of IPC  

(1) Strict control of the scope of IPC, it is strictly prohibited for patients of contraindications. Contraindications: acute inflammatory skin diseases, arrhythmia, erysipelas, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary edema, acute venous thrombosis, unstable hypertension, the installation of artificial pacemaker patients. 

(2) legs wrapped in lower limbs, the tightness should be appropriate, between the cuffs and legs to leave one finger gap space.

(3) During the use of IPC process, if the patient's body feel abnormal, or a sudden power failure, or found the instrument has a problem, should immediately stop using the timer to zero position, turn off the power switch, disconnect the air tube from the sleeve and remove the air; the used legs cuffs should be disinfected with ultraviolet light conventionally, to avoid cross-infection.


The advantages of IPC treatment

IPC can be safely applied to the prevention of clinical DVT. In the course of using IPC, patient feels no special discomfort, indicating the balance of massage force; air wave pressure therapy is a mechanical alternative to artificial massage, what’s more, massage rate is similar to blood flow rate. It is safe and noise-free and makes patients feel more comfortable; It helps to reduce workload in hospital or at home, there is no obvious untoward reactions, and it is simple, convenient and easy to master, worthy of clinical application.


1. Prevention

- Lymph edema

- Limb paralysis[cerebral infarction]

- Limb convulsion[Pain clinic]

- Chronic disease by the venous cause

2. Improvement

- Fat dissolution

- Rheumatoid arthtitis

- Improvement og intestines, dissolution Constipation

- Disease by interruption in blood circulation

- The old and the weak, fatigue, boredom, insomnia

- DVT [Deep vein thrombosis]

- PE [pneumatic emvolism]

- Varicocele therapy and prevention

3. Management

- Pregnant woman's limb management

(please consult with a physician.)

- Benumbed feet and hands settlement of stress

- Effect of exercise

- Person who want to be elastic skin and a healthier body


A Pneumatic Compression Massager belongs in every well-equipped:

· Alternative Healing Practice

· Spa and Resort

· Wellness Center

· Physiotherapist Practice

· Physical Rehabilitation Center

· Home Gym

· Hospital



The system provides six different programming massage modes A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F for option, and the user could enjoy comfortable compression and decompression through alternation air inflation and deflation.

Mode A is typically common relaxing massage, effective hand massage type.

Mode B is for lymphatic edema or DVT prevention and treatment

Mode C is for multi-relax deep massage and recovery for muscles

Mode D is for leg/ arm/ waist slimming

Mode E is for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Mode F with multi functions A+C+D 



One machine could be connected one cuff or two cuffs separately and flexibly:

- For single leg, one arm or one waist:



- For double legs.



Item No.



High-end Air Compression Therapy System


CE Approved

Machine Size

300*237*126 mm

6 Therapy Modes

Mode A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F

Pressure Range


Input Voltage

110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz

available according to target market requirement.

Power Consumption


Treating Time

1-90 mins


Six chambers (air bags)


Available according to different market like US, EU standard.


Cuffs/ sleeves/ garments accessories Size for Option (six chambers/ air bags)



Leg cuff

M: 91*65cm

L: 100*74cm

XL: 110*70cm (overlapping)

Arm cuff

M: 87*51cm

L:  90*60cm (overlapping)

Waist cuff

M: 120*37cm

L: 130*37cm


Standard set includes

1 machine with remote controller, 2 leg cuffs,1 arm cuff, 1 waist cuff, double hose, single hose, 

power cord and user manual.

Remark: other sets like one set including the machine and one pair of legs cuffs are also available.

Customer could order the wanted cuffs flexibly.





1. Connect the mains lead to the IEC power inlet socket. Insert the mains plug of the lead into a standard 220V-240V (or 110V-120V) mains socket.

2. Fit the air feed hose(s) to the air outlets of the device. Ensure that all connections to the device and garment make a good seal.

3. Place/ fit the garment(s) onto the limb(s) or center body requiring treatment.

4. Turn the unit on. A visual mains indicator will illuminate.

5. Select the required pressure by using the pressure control keys.

6. Note the time the treatment starts so that the unit can be switched off when the desired time has elapsed.

7. DO NOT unzip the garment when the unit is switched on. This may cause damage to the garment. Always turn off the power before unzipping the garment.

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