Compression Therapy Machine

Best 8 Chamber Compression Therapy Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering different compression recovery boots with different cost, to promote blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, providing fast recovery/therapy for athletes from lactic acid muscles after workout...

Product Details

Factory Directly Best 8 Chamber Compression Therapy Machine VU-IPC06

Basic Info

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The Compression Therapy Machine Features:

1. Large LED touch keypad control panel, easy operation                                                             

2. Eight-channel-output machine to match with 8-chamber cuffs/sleeves, with smaller compression area to provide more comfortable and fluent massage feel.

3. The pressure can be adjusted from 30-240 mmHg with 8 levels

4. The time electronically adjusts steply from 1~90 minutes 

5. The 8 chambers can be switched on/ off independently, so it is possible to optimize the treatment for specific muscles or areas, as well as select areas, for example, are surgical wounds or other injuries that can not withstand treatment.

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6. Six types massage modes

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8 chamber program E-F.jpg


Compression Therapy Cuffs Size Guide

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Quality guarantee&Service for Compression Therapy Machine

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experienced staff. 

2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world toppest production engineering.

3. The warranty time is one year. Quick-wear part is excluded.


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are factory manufacturing packaging Compression Therapy Machine and we provide perfect OEM and after-sale service.

Q: Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

A: Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them to Youtube. 

Q: What should I take care when using the machine?

A: Read the user manual before using the Compression Therapy Machine.

Q: How to maintain the Compression Therapy Machine?

A: Check the connection part and power connections regularly.

Q: How can I pay my order?

A: We accept T/T, Alibaba Trade Assurance payments. For those orders less than 1000USD, we accept PayPal to pay.

Q: Do you have a CE certificate?

A: Yes


As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of compression therapy machine in China, Weiyou Intelligent has been dedicated to this field for many years. And thanks to its reliable performance and low cost, our compression therapy machine is very popular among various customers. Please rest assured to buy.