Air Compression Leg And Arm Lymphedema Massager Circulation Improving Leg Wraps And Compression Pump

Compression Therapy Air Massager System (lymphedema compression therapy system) promotes the circulation of blood and lymph and make recovered patients leg or arm having various edema or troubles by stimulating the muscular organization by repeating the contraction-expansion program that pumps and deflates air through each chamber of the cuff that exerts the pressure from distal to proximal of body gradually. Air Massage system which shows superior effects from home care besides medical and esthetic care as it promotes the blood and lymph circulation and the metabolism by increasing higher the temperature even deep hypodermic tissue and expanding the blood vessel by the repeated inflation/deflation massage of air cuff. This Air Pressure Massager is made of durable and elastic fabric with a special coating technique and unique material.

Product Details

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy Systemair compression leg and arm lymphedema massager circulation improving leg wraps and compression pump:

All Human body is being managed by smooth circulation of blood. Air Pressure Massage System is to promote and improve blood or lymph circulation of human. Compression Therapy System is an IPC therapy system to pressurize and control sequentially leg(s) and/or arm(s) having any trouble with soft air compression.

Effects of promoting blood circulation

Blood circulation diagram

Pressurization Mode

Compression Therapy Air Massager helps circulating 97.000km of blood vessel and also helps to be enough oxigeon supplying of 17,000 l per each day.

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