6 Chamber Recovery Compression System Pump

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6 Chamber Recovery Compression System Pump VU-IPC03

 What makes the Recovery Compression System Pump VU-IPC03 effective is “ all-wrapping air compression massage” To put it on simply, and operate it easily. Each compression boot has six air chambers that works to push fluid up towards the heart, where it is then picked up by the lymphatic system, and eventually excreted out.

  • The benefits – Increases circulation, reduces blood lactate acids, relieves muscle swelling and soreness.

  • Advantage- products works well and  optimize treatment; can be bought factory directly at good prices.

  • Who can benefit – Anyone! Especially effective

    -who is with  lymphedema especially for patients after surgery (please consult your doctor first);

    -for people whose blood circulation is poor

    -people who sit or stand for a long time like passengers, officers, teachers etct.

    -athletes or sports lovers about cycling, running, swimming etc, as the professional athlete choose, to prevent sports injuries and get a better performance

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Machine Details • Easy Operation

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Cuffs Details • Durable

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Plug • Voltage

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Cuffs Options • Massage Modes

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