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What Should Be Noted When Using The Lymphedema Pump in Hospital?

Mar 07, 2017

Lymphedema pump could treat or prevent the lymphedema after surgery especially breat cancer surgery, providing dynamic and forceful compressionand and decompression massage for care parts, usually for double legs or upper arm,  What should be noted during the lymphedema pump is used for lymphedema treatment in hospital.

1, before treatment, double check if the equipment is intact, and if patients is bleeding.

2, before each treatment, check the care limb- if it has not-yet-scabby ulcer or pressure sore, treatment should not start until protective isolation for the care parts; if there is bleeding wound, treatment should be suspended.

3, the treatment should be operated under the condition that patients are conscious and have no sensory barrier.

4, In the course of treatment, please pay attention to the changes in the skin color of the care limb, and ask the patient's feelings, according to detailed situation, adjustable the treatment timely and properly.

5, Explain the treatment for patients, to relieve their concerns and encourage patients to participate in the treatment actively.

6, for the elderly patients with poor vascular elasticity, the pressure should be adjusted from the low level pressure value, and gradually increased until the patients could not tolerate.

7. If the patient is exposed to his / her treatment parts/ limb, please pay attention to wearing a disposable cotton isolation or sheath to prevent cross infection.

8, Suggest the treatment staff, who use the lymphedema pump first time, should try using the device by his/her own and feel the treatment, thus could provide better and proper treatment for patients.

9, during the treatment, visit and watch on patients, for timely dealing with abnormal situation.

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