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What is the principle of using air bed to prevent bed sores?

Jan 16, 2017

Using cushion bed prevention bedsores principle for, first using cushion bed of body pressure dispersed principle makes bone long parts skin by pressure reduced, avoid body local blood shipped bad, second plus continued Jet can keep skin dry, its unique of Jet structure, can reduced bedding in the of humidity, replacement dirt corrosion air, inhibit bacteria growth, combined cushion of soft support, can effective of prevent bedsores of occurred, on has occurred bedsores of patients also has must of treatment role, for long-term bed of patients, in not turn, and prevention pressure sores, and Forced postures are a better effect, air bed micro-pores on the surface of continuous Jet air, cooling effect of cooling and air flow on the local dry, reduce the sweat soaking the skin plays an important role in preventing infiltration of local skin damage.
Jet cushion bed of advantages: clinical Shang such as acute myocardial infarction, disease, patients often needed absolute bed, using cushion bed both can reduced patient of move, and can avoid bedsores of produced; cushion bed perennial seasons are can using, summer bites keep bedding of clean dry, also while control prickly heat, and body erosion,, winter available can added with hot bags insurance warm; using cushion bed patients more comfortable, conducive to rest; cushion bed operation simple, and using life long,, application cushion bed prevention bedsores, operation simple, security, effect significantly, Air bed significantly reduce the labor intensity of nurses using air bed 4~6h in patients with transformed a position, especially for not turning over, limb immobilization of the patient is more appropriate; air beds are easy to clean, as, urine, blood and other pollution, direct brush with SOAP and water, can be used after the dry, clinical application is worth.
To sum up, for bedsores occur at high risk, taking air bed prevents bedsores occur not only, but also improves the quality of life of older people, but note the use of skin assessment: nurse to observe compression of the body skin of patients with skin temperature, color, and an air mattress maintenance: air cushion above poor ventilation not Pu mat, plastic, or the integrity of the changes.