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What Is DVT And How to use DVT Prevention Device?

Mar 08, 2017

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to the blood in the lower extremity deep vein cavity is not normal coagulation, obstruction of the venous lumen, leading to blood reflux disorder, surgical abdominal surgery is a common complication, the disease can cause pulmonary embolism, what’s more, severe result can be disabled, and even life-threatening. In the past, single-use drug control effect is poor and prone to bleeding and other complications, to the clinical work inconvenience. Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) adopts the application of "arteriovenous pump" treatment theory, through the use of multiple inflatable air bags, inflated, deflated one by one with direction, progressive, cumulative "extrusion", to promote stagnant venous blood and lymphatic reflux, which has been used in clinical postoperative DVT prevention. 

How to use the DVT prevention device after surgery? Lift the patient's lower limbs, wear the required sleeve, zip from the back of the feet to the top of the thigh and buckle well, the connecting tube were connected to the two legs cuffs and the dvt machine, turn on the power, adjust the mode, adjust the pressure control knob for suitable pressure level . The body condition was well enough allowed to IPC, the patients is treated one time by IPC in 6h after surgery, followed by 2 times / day, 30 min / time, 5 days for a course of treatment, treating both lower limbs at the same time, first adjust the pressure to 60 mm Hg, experiencing for 5 to 8 mins when the patient adapted to the sleeve pressure, the pressure was transferred to 80 ~ 100 mm Hg, the pressure adjustment is appropriate for the patient limb to comfort. Set the treating mode, repeated pressure and release pressure for legs. During the treatment, keep watching on the patients constantly, and asking how they feel, if they feel uncomfortable, please stop the treatment immediately.