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Hypoxia in children can use a nebulizer?

Jan 16, 2017

Many of children cough is refused to medicine, dad mother for children worried, usually children cough with of compared more of are is do atomization treatment, ultrasound atomization local of to drug, can direct respiratory of lesions, diluted phlegm liquid, and elimination inflammation, and lifted bronchial spasm, and ventilation,, is a directly to drug of more directly effective of a means, and cough often is in throat at, tracheal bronchial, and lung, respiratory of organ lesions caused of, so dang children cough Shi, do ultrasound household atomizer atomization inhalation, And in conjunction with other medication, treatment is better.

Atomization in the treatment effect: 1, treatment of respiratory infections, reducing inflammation and edema. 2, antispasmodic. 3, liquid dilute phlegm, helping expectorant. Child cough spray have side effects? Spray treatment is relatively free of side effects, are more suitable for children, but use the spray in the treatment of respiratory disease is not forbidden. Experts suggest that spray in the treatment of the child when inhaled, baby better take it easy erect posture, just quiet breathing, without special support.

When inhalation, there should be timely stops, such as frequent in children with cough, you should suspend inhale, breathe calmly, and then begin to inhale. Inhalation time depends on the liquid capacity, about 10 minutes ~15 minutes at a time. Do it two or three times a day. Experts also emphasized that inhaled half an hour ago and try not to eat to avoid inhalation of gas mist stimulate the airway and cause vomiting. Don't let the fog liquid gets into eyes, otherwise it will cause discomfort, do not put oily creams. After each inhalation and gargling with saline solution or warm water. Spray over, spray cans to clean, use warm water scald and dry before use. In General, experts advise, whether in a home nebulizer therapy or treatment at a hospital, goes to hospital for examination, doctors to adjust the dosage according to the individual patient. Therefore, the children and parents were atomization treatment should be done under the guidance of professional doctors, must not seek for convenience, without treatment.

Atomization of aspects should to note following of points: position: children of cross across location is high chest smaller, activities degrees by limited therefore Dang children in supine bit Shi its lung capacity, and moisture volume are is more seat, and half seat and the side bit Shi, atomization inhalation Qian should reset children seat, and half seat or side bit as supine, necessary of when raised bed 30 ° party can supine bit atomization inhalation treatment.

Dose: Kid's throat tissue developed throat cavity and nasal hairs the buffering role of small, if large doses of cold mist sharply at the outset the airway, airway smooth muscle spasm breath, respiration increased atomization inhalation on child care, should begin after treating the children with small dose and then gradually increase the dosage until the liquid is absorbing it.

Temperature: inhalation of liquid temperature and body temperature close to cold stimulation induced by preventing the causes of airway smooth muscle spasm and coughing or short of breath aggravated during winter and spring the inhalation of liquid should be heated to 36 ° c to give children with inhaled.

Illness: atomization inhalation will to inhalation of gas oxygen points pressure reduced and atomization inhalation produced of fog, main is steam, steam can wet of gas road, but its containing oxygen volume low coupled with spray out of fog some exclusion oral around air, respiratory reduced has oxygen of inhalation on hold breath, and respiratory not unobstructed and hypoxia serious pneumonia merged heart failure of children, should note above symptoms increased sucking oxygen volume Hou, again be atomization inhalation. And note the inhalation should be shorter rather than longer 5 minutes at a time, condition 1 is not allowed when not forced to finish 1, preventing the increase in children with hypoxic State.

Care: aerosol inhalation to observe a period of illness in children with cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms should immediately stop inhalation, increase the amount of oxygen taken back to feed the water after treating the symptoms, then consider the next check atomization inhalation treatment temperature, dose and positioning the right need.