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Decubitus mattresses suitable for use in high risk population?

Jan 16, 2017

Using medical air mattress bed sore in patients at high risk to reduce or avoid the occurrence of pressure sore. Using medical air mattress not only reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers in high-risk groups, and relieve the patient's pain and financial burden, but also reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff to prevent pressure ulcers in high-risk population.

Pressure sore has long been the more difficult problems in clinical nursing, nursing needs to overcome the disease. Pressure ulcers to patients not only brings pain, complications, and even death, and prolonged hospitalization, the increased economic burden of family and society. At home and abroad, there are many methods of treatment and prevention of pressure sores, but only from populations at high risk of pressure sores, patients often have multiple risk factors of pressure sores. According to statistics, the 57%~60% of pressure ulcers occur in hospitals, on how to prevent pressure ulcers has become an aspect not to be ignored.

Medical air mattress can effectively prevent and treat pressure ulcers occur as external pathogenic factors of pressure sores pressure, friction, shear is the pathogenic factors of pressure sores, but pressure is the most important pathogenic factors. To reduce pressure, pressure ulcer prevention for high-risk patients to prevent value. Shear forces closely associated with the position. Shear stress as a cause of pressure sores in second place a major role in the deeper tissues, causing the relative displacement, resulting in deep fascia vascular distortion, cutting off blood supply to large areas, resulting in decreased tissue oxygen tension, it is more dangerous than the vertical pressure. Shear force and pressure coexistence Shi than pressure separate exists Shi skin artery blood flow reduced have more, electric cushion bed can prevent shear force, reduce on local skin of oppression, prevent blood cycle obstacles, it is through law cycle interval 2.5~3min alternating filling put gas of way constantly change patients by pressure parts of by pressure points, shortened by pressure parts of by pressure time, for by pressure parts provides better of blood cycle. Flow of air can also prevent Pyogenic bacteria reproduce, play a role in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

For fever patients, temperature of increased is formed pressure sores not ignored of factors Dang human temperature each increased 1 ℃ Organization metabolism increased 10%, led to organization needed oxygen increased, aggravated organization of deficiency blood hypoxia, especially body by pressure parts of deficiency blood hypoxia more obviously, more led to pressure sores of occurred, and in reduced temperature, strengthening body local of breathable sex aspects to cushion bed best, to reduced has pressure sores occurred of factors.

Use in patients at high risk of pressure sores air bed reduces the patient's pain and financial burden, and reduce the labor intensity of nursing. Medical air mattress used to reduce nursing staff to patients at high risk for turning over some time interval, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of at-risk patients with pressure ulcers pressure ulcers, which can reduce the pain, reduce the economic burden, and reduce the intensity of nursing staff plays a very important role.