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Considerations for air pressure therapy apparatus using

Jan 16, 2017

Treatment considerations

1, check that the equipment is in good condition before treatment, patients have no bleeding.

2, check the limb before each treatment, if not yet crusted ulcers or pressure sores, if there should be protection of a treatment, if a bleeding wound should suspend treatment.

3, treatment should be clear of the patient in the treatment, the patient should be no impediment.

4, in the course of treatment should pay attention to observe the colour change of limb, and asking the patient how they feel, according to adjust the dose.

5, explain treatment to patients, relieve their concerns, encouraging patients to participate in treatment.

6, the elderly, patients with poor vascular elasticity, pressure from the start, gradually increasing, up to the tolerance.

7, if a patient exposed limbs/parts, wear disposable cotton gown or jacket to prevent cross infection.

8, promotes first-time positive pressure therapy in order to treat people first try out instruments, for the sensory disturbance of patients with normal dosage can depend on.

9, multiple visits in the course of treatment of patients, handling exceptions in a timely manner.