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Compressed-air nebulizer performance characteristics

Jan 16, 2017

Compressed-air nebulizer performance characteristics:
Nebulizer with compressed air, just liquid formed strong turbulence on the bezel into the fog, has intensified into a tiny droplet, and airflow to the intake of patients with, so as to achieve the effect of atomization inhalation of liquid. Use oil-free high performance piston pump without daily lubrication, storerooms and structure can accommodate all accessories. Low noise, aerosol fine particles of patients suitable for each age, are ideal for family and medical supplies.

1, high efficiency oil-free piston compressor, spray without cooling water, daily maintenance, operation is simple and convenient; the original spray, without dilution, better clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high utilization of drugs;
2, operation more convenient, products are equipped with 2 m pipe a, room, sitting, lying, aerosol component lightweight, wear, convenient hand-held;
3, atomized using original medicine atomization, amount of atomizing inhalation in the treatment time, and less prone to trachea mucosa swollen on the inside wall, causing tracheal blockage, atomized particles of ultra fine and are not easily combined collision, breathed in and comfortable, and can enter bronchial, lung and other organ, excellent clinical effect, especially suitable for treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases;
4, mechanical products, the failure rate is very low, low maintenance cost; and long service life, normal use 5-10.