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Cervical spondylosis-myths

Jan 16, 2017

Cervical disease and said cervical integrated levy, is cervical bone arthritis, and increased is cervical inflammatory, and neck neural root integrated levy, and neck disc prolapse syndrome of General, is a to degenerative sex pathology change for based of disorders, main due to cervical long-term strained, and bone hyperplasia, or disc prolapse, ligament increased thick, led cervical spinal cord, and neural root or vertebral artery by pressure, appeared series function obstacles of clinical integrated levy

The misunderstanding:

1. when some young people turn to hear the rattle of the cervical spine, and think I have cervical spondylosis. This is the sound of bones and ligaments of the neck rubbed, not the true meaning of cervical spondylosis

2. neck and shoulder ache, believed to be cervical spondylosis. Most of the neck and shoulder pain is caused due to the muscle strain, true cervical spondylosis with arm radiated pain, a sense of numbness or leg stepping on cotton, so do not simply equate shoulder and neck pain and cervical spondylosis.

3. hands tingling and dizziness is cervical spondylosis. Cause dizziness for many reasons, such as vestibular dysfunction, blood disorders, cranial nerve lesions of the brain, in addition to low blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease and many other diseases can cause dizziness. Ma also needs to consider whether such as diabetes, stroke, women should be considered in patients with climacteric syndrome exists.

4. the only cervical bone hyperplasia that is considered to be cervical spondylosis. Some films found in patients with cervical bone hyperplasia, is deemed as cervical spondylosis, but I did not shoulder and neck pain, dizziness, numbness and other symptoms. The diagnosis of cervical disease clinical manifestations and imaging qualify to be confirmed, only clinical manifestation and imaging findings of no need to exclude other causes before the diagnosis, no clinical manifestations were not only Imaging diagnosis for cervical spondylosis. (Imaging: x-ray, CT, MRI found cervical physiological curvature disappears, spinal stenosis, bone hyperplasia and other symptoms. )

5. cervical spondylosis is the elderly, young people do not have. Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disease, more common in middle-aged and older adults, but now young people to computers, cell phones, not far from the body, the neck to hold a pose for a long time, lack of blood circulation, and over time can cause cervical spondylosis. So in our daily lives to build awareness to prevent cervical: correcting bad posture, working or studying in the regular activities of neck and shoulder to reduce soft tissue strain, attention to the neck and shoulders warm.

Treatment of errors:

1. inappropriate traction again: is one of the most commonly used method for treatment of cervical spondylosis of neck traction, but repeatedly and inappropriate traction can cause neck ligaments, muscle relaxation, accelerated degeneration and reduced neck stability. So note to traction of cervical physiological curvature of restoration and maintenance

2. blind massage, reset: massage reduction must be excluded before spinal canal stenosis and severe disc herniation, cervical spine instability, absolute prohibition of gravity massage cervical spondylotic myelopathy and reset, otherwise very easy to increase the symptoms can even result in paraplegia. Even need a massage, treatment and the best professionals to operate by formal training, so as not to cause side effects or worse

3. treatment of cervical pillow: many businesses will add exaggerated terms in the advertising, but would like to stress is that the health care pillow effect more powerful, also helps keep the cervical physiological curvature, promote blood circulation, do not amount to "cure", but to improve symptoms. And remember when patients choose a pillow, not blindly pursue the height of the pillow, but to select the height of cervical physiological curvature.

4. abuse of analgesics: analgesics can relieve neck and shoulder pain, but will hide the disease, delay in treatment and symptoms, not the causes, and cannot really solve the problem of cervical spondylosis.

5. surgery or no surgery: not all patients require surgical treatment of the cervical spine, and not all patients will get better after conservative treatment, to individual treatment plan, so patients should have a correct understanding of the disease, and keep a good attitude and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment.