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Atherosclerosis causes

Jan 16, 2017

You know, is a non-inflammatory lesions of the arterial atherosclerosis, artery wall can be thickened and hardened, losing elasticity, lumen. Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease that occur with age, the law is often at a young age, to middle and old aged increased during the period, disease. More men than women, gradually increasing in our country in recent years, becoming one of the main causes of death in the elderly.

The manifestations of atherosclerosis depends on the vascular lesion and suffers organ ischemia for early Arteriosclerotic patients, most patients hardly any clinical symptoms, are in a State of latent lurking under development. For patients with atherosclerosis in the medium term, most patients are more or less have heart palpitations, chest pain, chest discomfort, headache, dizziness, cold limbs, limbs aching and tired, limp, vision reducing, memory loss, insomnia and other clinical symptoms, different patients have different symptoms. The General performance of the mental and physical deterioration, palpate the surface artery, such as temporal artery and radial artery, brachial artery becomes wider and longer, can be found, such as maze and hardens. Atherosclerosis causes of what?

1. from the perspective of genetic factors, some families are coronary artery disease family, some are family, some family of tumors, some families with schizophrenia, people with a family history may be generations of genetic isolation, may also be fathers inheritance. Two factors age and sex should not be neglected. In gender Shang, women in menopause Qian by ovarian hormone protection, rarely occurred atherosclerosis, rarely have coronary heart disease and occurred myocardial infarction, so 50 age yiqian myocardial infarction disease of men and women proportion is 9:1; but 50 age yihou, women ovarian function wilt bed and breakfasts, myocardial infarction patients also with of growth, 60 age Shi men and women proportion for 3:1; to 70 age Shi, men and women of proportion has close 1:1; to 80 age Shi, women slightly than male. These figures show that women after menopause menopause foods, paying special attention to blood pressure and cardiac problems.

2. Although genetic factors, age and sex and is not likely to change, but not the most important and only 30%, the most important are external environmental factors, about 70%. External factors including 7 species: high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, smoking, obesity, unbalanced, too little exercise, psychological stress and diabetes. Top 3 are the main external factor. High blood pressure is a silent killer, it can cause atherosclerosis in the arteries 20-40 years in advance, so must be treated early. High blood cholesterol and obesity are also important risk factors. Obesity-"Apple" and "pear". Apple apples food obese belly, known as the "belly", people of such a body, body fat tends to accumulate in the viscera, heart, arteries, so the more dangerous; " PEAR-"little coarse obese buttocks, legs, belly, and smaller risk.

Above is the formation of atherosclerosis due to genetic factors and the external environmental factors, incidence of external temporary high risk locations, so we should be rational and prevention.