Electric Air Pressure Mattress for Hospital Bed Patients

Product Details

The electric medical air pressure mattress with compressor (pump) is a specification personal health care solution to prevent, treat and heal pressure ulcers for patients in hospitable by providing alternating inflation and deflation pressure at a sufficient rhythm. The alternating pressure mattress system is mainly composed of durable medical grade TPU tubular type mattress of high strength, and top quality aluminum pump, giving mattress warranty 12 months and pump 18 months. The compressor (pump) provides very slient and durable, big air output advantage


Economic 5" 18/ 24 Cells Tubular Mattress
Top Quality Aluminum Pump System


Pad/ mattress

Item: VU601

Item: VU6002

Power supply: 110V/220V; 50~60Hz

Size: 200cm(L)x90cm(W)x11.5cm(H)

Air output:: 6-8 liter/min

4" 24 cells; 4.5" 18 cells

Pressure range: 50mmHg-120mmHg

Top cover: Nylon PU/ strength

Cycle time: 12 min.

Air cells: Nylon/ PVC/ TPU

Power consumption: 7W;  Fuse: 1A

Bottom: tarpaulin/ nylon PU

Size: 27.5cm(L)x13.5cm(W)x9cm(H)

Mattress weight: 5.5-6.5kg

Weight: 1.6kg

Weight Capacity: 135-145kg

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485

Standard a set includes: pump, mattress, connect hose, repair kit, user manual and gift box.

Working Principle/Function:
Alternating inflation and deflation at a sufficient rhythm to help patients in bed change their body position, increase blood flow, anti bedsore, and avoid tissue hypoxia caused by long-time vascular compression.

1. Durable Aluminum pump, adjustable hangers/ hooks to fit any any bedrails; Two programming modes for option- Static and Alternation; Knob control for pressure force level, easy operation

Pressure Mattress.jpg

2. Medical grade fabric material, high strength, durable, breathable and skin-friendly. Detachable tubular cells design is used flexibly



1. Unroll the mattress.
2. Position it on the bed.
3. Secure it to the bed with the fixing straps.
4. Hand the comprssor (pump) at the end of the bed (foot end) using hooks.
5. Connect the mattress feed pipes to the compressor (pump) connector by matching the appropriate outlets.
6. Connect the electrical power supply cable to the compressor (pump).
7. Guide it along the bed to the mattress plug socket and plug.
8. Press switch to turn on the compressor (pump).
9. Before positioning the patient onto the mattress, wait until the mattress has been fully inflated.

10. Select the pressure corresponding the patient’s morphology.

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