Bubble Medical Alternating Air Pressure Relieving Mattress for Bed Sores

Product Details

The traditionally accepted method of pressure sore control is to turn the client at regular intervals to observe the areas of risk regularly. The alternating air pressure medical bed mattress is intended to compliment this treatment, observation of the client and turning when necessary should still be considered as part of the treatment.


2.5" Bubble Mattress System
Silent Economic Pump 18 Months Warranty


Pad/ mattress

Item: VU62012

Item: VU6001

Power supply: 110V/220V; 50~60Hz

Size: 200cm(L)x90cm(W)x7cm(H)

Air output:: 4-6 liter/min

130 bubble cells

Pressure range: 50mmHg-120mmHg

End flaps, repair kit, hose 1.5M

Cycle time: 12 min.

Material: medical grade Taiwan Nanya PVC

Power consumption: 7W

PVC thickness: 0.3mm/0.4mm

Fuse: 1A

Color: beige, blue, green

Size: 23.5cm(L)x12cm(W)x9.5cm(H)

Mattress weight: 2.2-2.5kg

Weight: 1.4kg

Weight Capacity: 120-130kg

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485

Standard a set includes:
pump, mattress, connect hose, repair kit, user manual and gift box.

Using medical grade non-toxic PVC fabric, the mattress is durable and skin-friendly, high strength, used comfortably.

Alternating inflation and deflation circularly, compression and decompression of air waves help patients to change body position, increasing the blood circulation, anti bedsore and prevent decubitus.

Mattress surface wave ups and downs, good ventilation transform compression parts of the body, skin-friendly; prevent local tissue compressed long, and anti bedsore and anti decubitus.

Durable air pump, adjustable hangers to suit any bedrail.

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