Anti Bedsore Alternating Hospital Bed Air Pressure Mattress with Pump for Patients

The alternating pressure medical mattress system is bubble mattress with air pump that provided alternating pressure at sufficient rhythm to help long-in-bed patients in hospital or at home to change their position and improve blood circulation and body vertilation, avoiding body local tissue...

Product Details

Anti Bedsore Alternating Hospital Bed Air Pressure Mattress with Pump for Patients

 All the features of air cushion is maintained but added a function of alternating fluctuation by way of connecting two groups of mutually alternated tubular air cell to two groups of air-supply pipeline of air pump which regularly and appropriately supplying air to air pipeline . The gentle fluctuation resulted form alternating air supply may keep its contact surface with patient body change regularly and then relieve the suffering of a long-term bedfast patient.

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2.5” Bubble Mattress with Alternating Pump System

Top Quality Aluminum Pump



Item: VU601

Item: VU6001

Power supply: 110V/220V; 50~60Hz

Size: 200cm(L)x90cm(W)x7cm(H)

Air output:: 6-8 liter/min

130 bubble cells

Pressure range: 50mmHg-120mmHg

End flaps, repair kit, hose 1.5M

Cycle time: 12 min.

Material: medical grade Taiwan Nanya PVC

Power consumption: 7W

PVC thickness: 0.3mm/ 0.4mm

Fuse: 1A

Color: beige

Size: 27.5cm(L)x13.5cm(W)x9cm(H)

Mattress weight: 2.2-2.5kg

Weight: 1.6kg

Weight Capacity: 120-130kg

Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485

Standard a set includes:
pump, mattress, connect hose, repair kit, user manual and gift box.

Operating Principles


1. Inflatable air mattress.

Alternating Pressure Mattress.jpg

2. Top quality aluminum durable air pump, adjustable hangers to suit any bedrail.

3. Made of medical grade PVC fabric, the bubble shape mattress is breathable, skin-friendly and anti-slip.


The medical air mattresses in this section are ideal for home use. These alternating pressure mattresses heal and prevent bedsores. These medical mattress systems come with the air mattress and pump. Additional accessories are available for these products as well.

 This hospital mattress offers optimal support and comfort with an emphasis on managing patients at risk for heel pressure ulcers. With a gently sloping heel section, and channel cuts in the middle layer of foam heel pressure off-loading and comfort are maximized and protected.

1.The pressure of outside can't be over than 120kg.
2.Don't touch it with sharp things to avoid leaking air and affect use.
3.The air cushion can only used for the patient, and can't be used under the water.
4..Keep it away from acid, alkali,organic solvent or heat source avoiding direct sunshine.
5.Clean with cloth soaked with a little washing powder ,wipe it slightly.Avoid chemical solvent .
All the aforesaid features make it the best product for prevention and curing of bedsore.

As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of anti bedsore alternating hospital bed air pressure mattress with pump for patients in China, Weiyou Intelligent has been dedicated to this field for many years. And thanks to its reliable performance and low cost, our anti bedsore alternating hospital bed air pressure mattress with pump for patients is very popular among various customers. Please rest assured to buy.


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