Professional Far Infrared Electric Heated Knee Pads Heating Wrap Pad for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Product Details

The USB Far Infrared Ray Heating Knee Pad is a knee wrap with built-in far infrared heating core that provides constant comfortable heating temperature therapy and relief for tired and stiff knee muscle. Use of the knee heating pad helps to increase blood flow circulation, treating rheumatoid arthritis and relieve knee pain. The heating pad is safe with only 5V power supply, matched with micro USB cable, means the pad could be supplied by portable charge pal, allowing the heating therapy to go with users, or computer at home or office, allowing the heating therapy could go on when users are working, used conveniently. Optional to be matched with charge pal, the knee heating pad is portable and available to go with users. The neck heating pad wraps around the knee could be worn under user's pants for constant comfortable heating therapy.


Description: 5V USB Far Infrared Ray Heating Knee Pad
Item No.: VU-HKB-01
Material: Nylon + SBR
Size: 60*27cm
Power Supply: 5V/ 2A
Heating Temp.: 38℃-45℃

Standard a set includes:
Knee wrap with USB cable
Remark: 4000mA charger pal is available according to if required.

--Skin-friendly material for knee wrap, the heat core could be taken out easily when the wrap is washed.
--Knee wrap with velcro (magic tape) is adjustable to suit most of people.
--Constant comfortable heating 38℃-45℃ for lasting therapy.
--Frequent reasonable using the knee wrap could treat or prevent rheumatoid arthritis effectively.
--Matched with USB cable, easy for power supply.
--Compact and light-weight, portable for journey, easy to be used in home and office.  

Far Infrared Energy Therapy
This Far Infrared Knee heating pad is made with magnetic core that could emit infrared energy to help dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow.
Far-infrared Ray (FIR) is the safe part of the spectrum of light emanating from the sun.
Unlike ultraviolet light, FIR does no any harm to the body.
FIR produces heat more efficiently because it matches your body's own emissions and penetrates even deeper into the skin, promoting healing more effectively.

Long Lasting Relief
The Magnetic Core is able to keep heating for a long time at constant comfortable temperature 38℃-45℃, allowing you a long lasting relief.

Care & Storage & Wash:
When you are not using the pad,turn off the power,unplug.
Remove heating core before washing, hand wash the wrap by neutral cleaning solution and hang dry, Do not bleach, dry clean, iron, wring or tumble dry.

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