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Xiamen Weiyou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was found in early 2010, and have been being focused on providing customers with a full service about rehabilitation therapy healthcare equipments and intelligent comsumer electronics. We obtained American MFI (Made for iphone) certification in early 2012.

We have facilities for manufacturing, assembly and inspection of all electronics, enclosures, and cables required to deliver complete offerings to market.Our professional research and devolop (R & D) team supports developing and testing new products according to the market or customers need. Injection molding and production department supports mass production for plastic enclosures/shells;Assembling department supports assembling and packaging all product parts; Meanwhile, quality control department is delicated to inspecting and controlling the quality of products, making sure offering high- quality products for customers, for "quality is our culture." 

We support OEM and ODM development survice, trying to offer competitive high-quality products for customers.